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IRSGroup-Intelligent Robot and Systems Group
The research and development work carried out at the Intelligent Robots and Systems Laboratory (IRSLab) is wide in scope. Its members approach complex systems from a holistic standpoint, rather than focusing on some of the subsystems. The topic of cooperation (among agents and/or robots, among robots and humans) arises naturally from this viewpoint. The historic background of the lab senior researchers has lead us to use Artificial Intelligence concepts (e.g., sequential decision making, learning, task planning, cognitive systems) driven by formal approaches that stem from Systems and Control Theory and from Operations Research (e.g., mathematical modeling, analysis and synthesis, optimization, path planning, discrete-event systems, estimation theory, simulation, queuing theory, Markov systems). The Lab was born as a merge of the former ISR ISLab and MRLab.

We further believe it is very important to apply our methodologies to practical domains, as challenging real-life problems provide richer sources of inspiration. Therefore, we have been exploring the application of our research on (cooperative) navigation, sensor fusion, planning under uncertainty, dynamic modeling, non-smooth systems, human-robot interaction, discrete event systems, bio-inspired approaches, cognitive architectures, to networked robot systems, remote handling systems, kinematically complex robots, field robots and soccer robots, humanoid robots, scheduling of queuing networks, and management of health systems, to name but a few.
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