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Dusan Jakovetic and Dragana Bajovic received the A.G. Milnes Award during the CMU ECE Diploma Ceremony.

ISR students receive the best MSc and PhD theses awards given by SPR - Sociedade Portuguesa de Robótica

Welcome to Institute for Systems and Robotics - Lisbon (ISR-Lisbon).

ISR-Lisbon is a university based R&D institution where multidisciplinary advanced research activities are developed in the areas of Robotics and Information Processing, including Systems and Control Theory, Signal Processing, Computer Vision, Optimization, AI and Intelligent Systems, Biomedical Engineering. Applications include Autonomous Ocean Robotics, Search and Rescue, Mobile Communications, Multimedia, Satellite Formation, Robotic Aids.

ISR-Lisbon is affiliated to Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the School of Engineering of the Technical University of Lisbon. Most of its PhD researchers are teaching staff of IST.

Since 1996, ISR-Lisbon is periodically subject to evaluation, by international panels of independent scientists organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. In the two evaluation exercises organized in 1996 and 2000 ISR has been rated as EXCELLENT (The highest grade awarded by the panel).

ISR, together with three other partner research institutions, IN+, IMAR-Azores and CREMINER is, since November 2001, an Associate Laboratory.

ISR-Lisbon participates in the CMU-Portugal Program. This participation relies on an integrated research and educational Dual PhD Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering, specially focused on Networked Sensors, Communication, and Decision Systems with applications in the area of Critical Infrastructures and Risk Assessment.

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Evaluation of ISR-IST for the period 2008-2012

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